In addition to the Simmentals, Mueller Farms also raises about one litter of Rat Terrier puppies per year. Mickie is our newest addition, as a black and white tricolor female, she is very friendly, active, and a lovable hunter. She is always watching the activities of the farm. She loves to go exploring during the day, and then snuggle with you in the evening.

Skipper is a solid brown male that we use to mate with Mickie. Skipper is a son of Lucy that we sold to our neighbor. He is extremely friendly and lovable. He was easy to train and is excellent mannered. His solid brown color is a rarity and hard to find in a rat terrier. We are glad he stayed close to home and that we are able to use him as a stud for Mickie.

Lucy is our original rat terrier. She is the most amazing dog I have had. We swear she can understand us and if she could talk, she would. They don’t come any better mannered and smart. She is an excellent hunter and we love having her around the farm. At 8 years of age, her reproduction is slowing down.

Please contact Stacie if you would like to be on the list for future puppies. 320-583-6841 or mueller@frontiernet.net



Mueller Farms
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