Spur Bar Mazie

Max (Spur Bar 471)

Stacie has been raising Registered Border Collies for over 16 years along with her mother, Lynn Schauer from Glencoe, MN. The foundation of their breeding program began with a red merle male "Matt's Monty Sage" from Sagebrush Border Collies from South Dakota. This line derived from International Champion blood lines going back to the famous "Wiston Capp" of Wales, from the Jones family, who was the icon for the breed for decades abroad. Our female was a red and white solid, "Sassy" from the lines of Charles O' Riley's, "Shep", and Carol Hall's "Snoopy and Spot"

Peg Brown and family of South Dakota are credited with importing breeding stock from the Jones family of Wales into the U.S. The Jones family consulted and counseled with Peg to obtain their best lines bred for the Border Collie traits sought after internationally. The result was Sagebrush Border Collies. They have intelligence, stamina, loyalty, speed, drive, keen eyes, and a herding instinct that is incredible.

When Stacie found a pup in Michigan that traced back to Sagebrush Sage, she jumped on the opportunity to add Spur Bar Mazie to the farm.

Mazie is a beautiful red solid female with a full white collar and white points. She has a medium build and a medium rough coat. She is very athletic, friendly and eager to please. She definitely has the instinct to herd.

Max (Spur Bar 471) is a Spur Bar Ranch bred dog out of Spur Bar Doc as his sire and 2 T Shadow his dam. Max has lines back to Sage Brush through their late male Rowdy. We are pleased with the personality of Max. He is jubilant, friendly, minds well, a very quick learner. He fits well into our breeding program. He is a gorgeous medium sized, rough coated blue merle male fully trimmed with white. His pups are consistent with style, and personality with whomever we mate him to. We feel fortunate to add Max to our program enabling us to continue with a link to our foundation lines back to Sage Brush Border Collies.

In recent years, Lynn has taken opportunities to expand on their proven lines by carefully adding the influence of the "Wisp", "Dockter"" Vanderberg", and "Alta-Pete" of Alberta through "Ben". Our goal is to offer the most consistent Border Collie pups available anywhere. While we don't exhibit our breeding stock yet, our pups have excelled in many areas.

Primarily, we offer medium sized, rough coated pups, black, red, blues, solids, merles, or tricolor, all with white trim. All pups are registered with The ABC A and The AKC. We are happy to know we have many repeat customers.

Feel free to contact us anytime to check what pups we have available, or to be put on our waiting lists. We have shipped pups nationally and internationally, call for details.

Stacie Mueller • 507-964-5890 • mueller@frontiernet.net
Lynn Schauer • 320-864-4453 • lnms@embarqmail.com



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